Changes During Parenthood


Trends Associated With Parenthood

 Social and economic factors play a huge role in parenthood today. During the Great Depression in the 1930's, many people were unable to support a family and birth rates went down as a result. When the new technology of birth control came out in the 1960's, birth rates fell as well. Things are changing again and more trends are emerging.

  • Women are putting off childbirth until their thirties
  • People in unstable relationships are less likely to pursue having children
  • Women with professional jobs are much more likely to forgo having children
Medical advances are also having a huge effect on childbirth. New technology allows for women in their forties to buy eggs from a younger women and implant them. It is also possible to freeze eggs for a later time. In addition, use of surrogate mothers has become more prevalent for women who cannot concieve.

These technologies are drastically changing our ideas of family and childbirth from what they once were.